“Padma Bridge Rail Link Project-PBRLP” is one of the Fast Track Project under the Ministry of Railway. The Project is jointly funded by Govt. of the Republic of China and the Government of Bangladesh and Bangladesh Railway is the Executing Agency (EA). The project, when implemented will reduce the travel time and increase the volume of passengers and freights. Resettlement Plan of phase-I was approved in September 2016. According to RP the project requires total length of this strip is 82.35 km with approximately 40 m width where 358.41 ha of land that includes 120.54 ha land of Public (BR, PMB, RHD and BBA) and 237.87 ha are private land to be acquired. Total number of 7705 persons would be affected by the impact of the project on the RoW. 

The Implement Non-Government Organization (INGO)- Development Organization of the Rural (DORP) entered into a bilateral agreement on 30th January 2017 for Implementation of the Resettlement Plan of Padma Bridge Rail Link Project-PBRLP, Phase-I. It started the work on 1st February 2017. Just after starting DORP recruited, employed, and deployed project personnel in the field offices. Now three field offices (two area offices and one sub office) are working, one Area office at Surjonagor, Madaripur District, and the other Area office at Sreenagor in Munshigonj district. The sub-office is at Hasanabad in Dhaka District. DORP as a sub-consultant to Construction Suprevision Consultant (CSC) is carrying out Resettlement Plan implementation activities with trained 67 key and non-key staff team members. The manpower was commensurate with the volume of work. Total manpower to be utilized for the project is 3510 man-months over 54 months. The manpower and logistics are being utilized as per approval of the CSC.

Major task of DORP is implementation of RP in three stages: 

(i) Preparatory Stage: Census or survey; Information Campaign i.e. tea stall meeting, yard meeting, consultation meeting, one to one discussion with EPs and their families, leaflet and booklet distribution to Entitled Persons (EPs) informing project impact and their entitlements; Information dissemination and feedback; Preparation of EP File; Support BR/CSC in the establishment of the Grievance Redress Committee (GRC), Joint Verification Committee (JVC), Property Valuation Advisory Committee (PVAC) and Resettlement Advisory Committee (RAC);

(ii) Implementation Stage: Identification of EPs and Issuance of ID Card; Preparation of Payment Statement; Disbursement of Resettlement Benefit; Participation in GRC, JVC, PVAC, RAC meeting; Organize/Implementation of Income Livelihood Restoration Program (ILRP); Assist EPs in the process of resettlement and assist Affected Household (AH) losing their land in re-titling.

(iii) Monitoring and Supervision Stage: Implementation progress; Utilization of manpower input; internal coordination meetings, meeting between BR, CSC and other relevant authorities; and reporting to the concern authorities.

The progress of RP implementation proceeded up to satisfaction. The entitlements of the Titled EPs were paid on the basis of compensation cheques given by the DCs and other entitlements of Resettlement Benefit (RB) were paid after identification both (Titled & Non-titled) EPs by the JVC and verified on behalf of the BR authority. The DORP personnel assisted 3218 No. of EPs (Titled & Non-titled) who have received a total of 85.87 crore taka up to 08, December, 2019 as RB from BR authority against their entitlements which is 36.92% of target EPs. DORP personnel have worked hard & soul to achieving the target in time following the work plan. It executed all field activities very effectively, timely and efficiently with all cooperation and satisfaction of CSC and BR authorities.

The implementation of Resettlement Plan (RP) is proceeding successfully.  Arrangements for Payment of Resettlement Benefit (RB) to EPs are in progress. It is expected that with cooperation from all concern authorities the RP implementation work will be completed successfully.


Honorable Rail Minister and Honorable Planning Minister site visit at Padma Bridge Rail Link Project

Rally and workshop on "World Aids Day 2020" organized by CSC, PBRLP and DORP

The Resettlement Plan of PBRLP being implemented under Bangladesh Railway (BR) encompasses Income and Livelihood Restoration Program (ILRP) for the affected vulnerable households. The ILRP consists of Trade and Skill Development training support in elaborating business of the trainees. A training program have been conducted for the DORP field workers to train them on selection of the Trainee and Trade for Phase-1 dated 10th March, 2020 at INGO (DORP) home office, Dhaka. Representative from CSC and Bangladesh Railway visited and also participated the daylong program.

Contract Signing Ceremony “Padma Bridge Rail Link Project (PBRLP)” Phase-1

Due to approval of Payment Voucher by PD the printed cheque were distributed to EPs in the presences of high officials of BR

Implementation of RP is being supervised and monitored by the Officers of BR, CSC and also professionals of DORP.The respective CSC officials who have had visit the field frequently and also met together in DORP personnel. The INGO provides data as required by them. Apart from the officers of EA, the CSC Officials, Team Leader and the Deputy Team Leader of INGO frequently visited the field, monitor RP implementation and attend consultation meetings.

The INGO-DORP has organized a refreshers training with DORP-PBRLP field level personnel on regular basis for their further improvement. The main fetcher of the refreshers training was to build & share knowledge about Resettlement intervention of the Project and how to establish coordination with relevant stakeholder according program.

The INGO-DORP personnel have been copied award books from Land Acquisition Section of respective DC Offices.

Tea Stall Meeting discussions and public consultation meetings (Yard Meeting) were attended by Sr. personnel of BR, CSC Consultant & DORP personnel and they also took part in the discussions according the adverse impact and their compensation and benefit during the reporting period.

The function of different committees (JVC, PVAC,GRC & RAC) are very important in implementation of resettlement plan. JVC, PVAC, GRC & RAC committees have formed as per ministerial order. JVC meetings & PVAC, GRC, RAC meeting not yet done. A few numbers of applications on grievance ware received from the titled and non-titled EPs up to July, 2019 and the GRC & RAC (if needed) meeting will be held very soon.