Construction Supervision Consultant (CSC)

Bangladesh Army core of Engineers has been entrusted to supervise the construction activities of the project. Accordingly, a contract was signed on 01 January 2017 with Bangladesh Army for CSC activities.

The scope of the contract includes:

  • Assist Bangladesh Railway in acquisition of 1700 Acres private land, handover from DC offices, installation of boundary pillars etc.
  • Provide resettlement plan implementation services
  • Keep liaison and coordinate with various utility service providing agencies to assist BR in relocation of all utility services in the RoW 
  • Coordinate with Bangladesh Bridge Authority, Roads and Highways department, Dhaka WASA, RAJUK, DTCA to identify Interfacing issues and undertake an integrated Construction schedule 
  • Review Bridge Deck Arrangements in Padma Multipurpose Bridge for installing railway track over the bridge
  • Environment Protection and Monitoring Plan preparation, implementation and submission of compliance reports
  • Review of Investigation, Survey, Detailed Working Design, drawings and design calculations for construction works 
  • Provide technical support associated with approval of contractor submissions, proposal for design modifications as well as for overall testing and inspection of the works within due time limit
  • Review of detailed methodology, quality assurance plan, detailed work schedule, environmental management plan, safety assurance plan etc. 
  • Supervision of all Construction Works 
  • Supervision of all Construction Works ensuring safety of train operation following the Codes, Rules, Regulations and manuals of BR specially in existing railway lines
  • Consultant shall monitor and ensure construction work is done following detailed work schedule 
  • Preparation of Progress Report(s)
  • Provide Contractual legal advice, technical advice and assist Project director.
  • Review of IPC 
  • Installation of Archive and museum of construction work of the project 
  • Formation of Expert Panel